Tree Tent Finland

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Have the unique Tentsile tree tent experience in privacy in Finland!

Experience our Tentsile tree tent lifting your feet off the ground! In Finland, in the Tampere Region, in the small but lively city of Sastamala you can have a unique, ecological experience in nature by sleeping in a Tentsile Stingray tree tent set up in the air between trees. The restful location of our Tree Tent Kommee Kurki is near a bird lake, on the border of a nature reserve in our private forest. There are two tree tents always for the same entourage to enjoy, so you can have this wonderful experience in privacy.

“What a beautiful spot this is. We slept under a starry sky, 3°C, no one else, just the two of us. No more words… Creating memories.” H & K, the Netherlands, 26.9.2021

Tree Tent Kommee Kurki is available from May 1st to September 30th.

Tree Tent Kommee Kurki provides you memories for lifetime!

The restful location of our Tree Tent Kommee Kurki is near a bird lake, on the border of a nature reserve in our privat forest.

Our Tentsile tree tent is situated close enough to our family house and to the vacation house B&B Kommee Kurki to give you the feel of safety, but to give you your own peace and quiet. You will get unique memories by sleeping in the pure air in the Finnish forest and by having all the nature sounds around you. One of the best pros are the cranes that live just next to you at the bird lake Hanhijärvi. These big birds with all the smaller ones create a magnificient soundscape. If you are lucky enough, you might even see some other wild forest animals! Don’t worry, there haven’t been any bears or wolves seen in the area! Read more on Surroundings-page.

Tree Tent Kommee Kurki is a Tentsile Stingray with capacity of 400 kg.

Our tree tents are Tentsile Stingray 3G, which has a capacity of 400 kg per tent. One tree tent accommodates 3 adults / 2 adults + 2 kids / 1 adult + 3 kids. There are air-filled camping mats for three in both tree tents, one on each side of the trianqular tent. You will need to take your own sleeping bags with you or rent them here (we have 3 sleeping bags to rent).

One of the two tents is attached to trees about 1,8 m from the ground and there is a rope ladder for climbing inside. The other tent is attached lower, so you can climb inside through a zipper opening which makes it easy and safe for smaller kids and e.g. people with some aches. The recommended minimum age is 7 years, but the lower tent is also safe for a bit smaller kids as long as they won’t open up the zippers on their own.

  • Note: For safety reasons we recommend that in both tree tents there is one adult with under 15 year old children.

The transparent fabric of the Tentsile tree tent functions as mosquito net and there is also a rain cover. There are a campfire site and an eco toilet next to the tree tent. Read more on Facilities-page!

Kommee Kurki is a member of Gay Travel Finland which means that this is a LGBTQ+ friendly destination.

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