Tree Tent Kommee Kurki provides you facilities with deep thought and warm heart

The driveway to Kommee Kurki.

The driveway to Kommee Kurki.

We do our best to make you feel like a special guest when you have decided to have this unique, ecologial experience at our Tentsile tree tent. If you have any inquiries or special needs, don’t hesitate to ask us!

The driveway to Kommee Kurki is in the middle of a field scenery. When you arrive to the parking place (the yard of B&B Kommee Kurki), I, your host Anja, will come to welcome you and to guide you to the tree tent. There I will show all the facilities and other important stuff to you.

Basics of Tree Tent Kommee Kurki

Our tree tents are Tentsile Stingray 3G, that has a capacity of 400 kg. There are air-filled camping mats for three in the tree tent. You will need to take your own sleeping bags with you, or you can rent 3 of them here. You can also rent pillows for a small fee (3 € each). You can pay these as well as other chosen extras with card or cash when you arrive, or you can check our extras at our web store.

Tree Tent Kommee Kurki with its transparent mesh fabric and the camping mats.

Tree Tent Kommee Kurki with its transparent mesh fabric and the camping mats.

One of the two tents is attached to trees about 1,8 m from the ground and there is a rope ladder for climbing inside. The other tent is attached lower, so you can climb inside through a zipper opening which makes it easy and safe for smaller kids and e.g. people with some aches. The recommended minimum age is 7 years, but the lower tent is also safe for a bit smaller kids as long as they won’t open up the zippers on their own.

  • Note: For safety reasons we recommend that in both tree tents there is one adult with under 15 year old children.

The overlay fabric of the tree tent is transparent and it works like mosquito net. There is also a rain cover which keeps you protected from wind, too. There are a campfire site and an eco toilet with hand washing station next to the tree tent.

Staying in the forest means that there will be more or less mosquitos. However they won’t bug you too much, as you can use the small but efficient Thermacell mosquito repellant appliance.

The basic experience in Tree Tent Kommee Kurki includes:

  • Tentsile Stingray -accommodation for max 6 adults or max 2 adults with 6 kids (note! sleeping spaces are on the three sides of the trianqular tent)
  • Three air-filled camping mats per tree tent
  • Mosquito net functioning overlay fabric and a rain cover with each tent
  • Welcoming drinks with Finnish berry and herbal drink
  • 1,5 litres of bottled water for each adult
  • A small basket of snacks
  • Using the campfire site (includes the firewood), not to be used during forest fire warning
  • There are sausage sticks, grilling grate, pots for coffee and tea, coffee, tea and some milk for them
  • Using the eco toilet (includes water for washing, a hand towel and hand sanitizer)
  • Portable camping light, one per tent
  • Portable Thermacell mosquito repellant appliance for outdoor usage (not to use inside the tree tent!)
  • Showering in our tiny and cute wagon sauna which is along the driveway to the yard of Kommee Kurki

What you need to take with you:

  • Sleeping bags and pillows (or rent 3 of them here)
  • Campfire snacks or other food and drinks which stay fresh without cold storage
  • Other belongings
  • Warm clothes; remember a warm cap and gloves!

Something to drink and eat so you won’t need to carry all the world with you

Welcoming toasts of Finnish berry and herbal drink are served before settling to camping life.

Welcoming drinks of Finnish berry and herbal drink are served before settling to camping life.

For drinking you will get bottled water (1,5 litre per adult per night). The price includes welcoming drinks of Finnish berry and herbal drink (alcohol free) and a small but tasty snack basket for the evening.

Breakfast basket for additional fee

You can order a simple breakfast basket before you arrive. The basket will be delivered at the agreed time (from 8.00 am) nearby the tree tent. This allows you to wake up to the new day without any interruption and to maintain the peace of your own. The breakfast basket costs 9,50 €/person. It is tailored from following foods:

  • Coffee/tea in thermos, milk, sugar
  • Karelian pasty/plain croissant
  • Finnish squeaky cheese/organic bananas
  • Berry juice and something sweet

Please order your breakfast basket and tell your choices min 1 day prior to your arrival.

We also try to tailor our services to meet your needs, so don’t hesitate to tell your extra wishes!

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